Avi Lewis is a filmmaker, climate activist, educator and the 2021 NDP candidate in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country.



Avi’s 30-year career in journalism and activism earned him a reputation for telling hard truths to power and powerful stories about people—particularly those engaged in movements for economic and social justice around the world. He recently produced and co-wrote the Emmy-nominated animated short film, Message from the Future with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which brings to life the vision of the Green New Deal.

In 2015 Avi co-authored The Leap Manifesto, a call to action on climate and inequality that was launched by an historic coalition of Indigenous leaders, unions and environmentalists, and signed by more than 50,000 Canadians. The Leap Manifesto was portrayed as controversial in mainstream media for stating the obvious: we need a dramatic plan to change our society to address the climate emergency. Over the last six years, this fact has become common sense.

After three decades following the path of his mother Michele Landsberg, a groundbreaking feminist journalist, Avi is now taking up the mantle of his father Stephen Lewis, and his grandfather David Lewis, both storied figures in the CCF and NDP, to stand against what David famously called the “corporate welfare bums” and make Canada a more caring and liveable place for generations to come

Avi has also produced and directed two acclaimed feature-length documentaries, The Take (2004) and This Changes Everything (2015). These films highlight, respectively, the struggles of working people and the efforts of the climate justice movement worldwide—causes to which Avi has dedicated his life and career. 

He lives in xwilkway/Halfmoon Bay, BC on shíshálh territory, with his wife Naomi, their son, Toma, and their muppet-like dog, Smoke.

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