Donate to Team Avi

Help us strengthen our in-between election organizing here in West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country. You don’t need to live in the riding to help fund our work!

The annual limit for donating to a riding association is $1675 — and 100% of your donation is spent by us here in the riding. The amount resets every year on Jan. 1 (you can also donate the same amount to a federal party.) 

Tax credits for political donations are amazing.

If you donate $400, you get a whopping 75% back at tax time. That means it only costs you $100 but we can spend $400 on local organizing — community events, door-knocking, and more. 

The Magic is the Monthly

We are building our base to win the next election — and do a lot of local work in between. Regular monthly donations allow us to plan, execute, and scale up!