This election, Greens are lending their votes to Avi Lewis

We are people who have voted for, volunteered for, or sought office with Canada’s Green Party. We have an urgent message for all climate-concerned voters in the riding of West Vancouver –Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky. 

We know you’re feeling deeply anxious about the climate emergency. So are we.

Unfortunately, in this election the federal Green Party is in disarray: its resources are exhausted and the leadership in turmoil. But in this riding, there is an indisputable climate champion on the ballot. Someone who is a dedicated climate justice activist and a truth teller who’s never shied away from taking bold, principled positions.

That person is NDP candidate Avi Lewis.

Avi has a 30-year public record of speaking truth to power and holding Ottawa politicians to account. He has a deep understanding of the climate emergency and has earned the enthusiastic support of movement leaders like Bill McKibben and David Suzuki. He is a key figure behind The Leap movement and made a film with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to bring the vision of the Green New Deal to life for millions. He will be a strong voice within the NDP to push for more rapid and ambitious climate action. And this next parliament - especially if it’s a minority - could determine the fate of our climate response.

If you believe we need to shake up the entire political establishment and tip the scales for people and the planet, lend Avi your support. Send him to Ottawa as your representative in Canada’s 44th Parliament.  

We’re out of time. If you support Avi and have voted, volunteered, or run for the Greens in the past, please join us and add your name below.


David Suzuki

renowned environmentalist

Alexandra Morton

hale biologist and defender of wild salmon

Amanda Ladner

runner-up, GPC nomination race for West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky

Mike Douglas

professional skier, filmmaker, and co-founder of Protect our Winters

Donna Shugar

former director on the Sunshine Coast Regional District Board

David Doel

2015 Green Party candidate and host of "The Rational National"

Robyn Allan

Former President and CEO of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

Mark Eliesen

former President and CEO of BC Hydro

Eoin Finn

Chair, Force of Nature (North Shore Community Action Team)

Nick Gottlieb

Climate Communicator and Activist

Emma Campbell

former Media Coordinator for 2015 Burnaby-North Seymour Green Party campaign

Mitchell Stookey

animated television Director and former Media Volunteer for 2015 Burnaby-North Seymour Green Party Campaign

Cheeying Ho

sustainability expert and facilitator, Whistler resident

Tim Turner

co-founder of Sea to Sky Outdoor School for Sustainability Education

Wendy Miller

co-founder of Sea to Sky Outdoor School for Sustainability Education

Bob Turner

former Mayor of Bowen Island

Susan Alexander

Poet, Nothing You Can Carry

John Millar

former Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia

Carole Rubin

Environmental Author and former Director of the West Coast Environmental Law and Canadian Environmental Network

Richard Till

former provincial Green candidate

Desiree Wallace

Documentary Filmmaker and Climate Justice Organizer

Randall Carpenter


James Pollock

Olympic Ski Coach

Kelly Ann Woods

CEO and Founder of Brujera Elixirs Inc., co-founder/owner of Cordelia's Locket

Rosemary Knight

Stanford geophysicist living on Bowen Island

Ken Dagleish

Sunshine Coast Musician

Gail Lotenberg

Pilates instructor

Alejandro Frid


Daphnee Tuzlak


Lisa Barrett

former Mayor of Bowen Island, 2015 GPC candidate in Vancouver Centre 

Evan Jolicoeur

former BC Green Candidate, entrepreneur, community organzier & mental health advocate

Who's signing

Sandra Swail
Roger Bryenton
Alan Blanes
Leah Cline
Pauline Le Bel
Marilyn Cobban
Kyle Corrigan
Brenda McLuhan
Spencer Fitschen
Diana van Eyk
Bruce Searle
Christopher Wilkening
Benjamin Arney
Pamela Robbins
Dave Prosser
Robyn Hanson
Sarah Pudritz
David G Horsman
Carolann McGillivray
Linda Ruiz
Elizabeth McNeill
Yvonne Mounsey
Wendy Alexander
Cathryn Robertson
Moira Zealand
Brett McGillivray
Shelley Quinn
Bruce McNevin
Guy Hanchet
Larry French

Will you sign?

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